Coaching for Alignment: What Really Matters?


Jen coaches lawyers and other professionals who want to bring alignment, fulfillment, and agency back into their relationship with their work. What does that look like?  

  • You know what you're working for and why it matters.
  • You feel truly successful and engaged.
  • You show up at work (and in life) authentically.
  • You leverage your strengths.
  • You make strategic choices with confidence.
  • You experience yourself as a fully integrated human being - your work, personal and family lives coexist and nurture one another.

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In today's professional world, we tend to disconnect from our internal value system - what really matters to us. We are taught (often overtly) and encouraged (often passively by culture and incentives) to measure our success by what we can see, touch, or put on a resume (i.e. hours worked, money earned, prestigious positions achieved etc.). It can feel like we check our "selves" at the office door. The result? Disengagement. Lack of fulfillment. Burnout. Sometimes, in pursuit of crushing the job, we inadvertently crush our souls.

Are you there? Are you trying to make sense of how it happened and what you can do about it? You don't need to struggle on alone. A coach is part guide, part objective observer, part accountability partner, and entirely dedicated to your success. In coaching, we will set out to reconnect the life-line tethering your professional life to your core values so that you can:

  • Reclaim an authentic and compelling vision for success;
  • Get a clear view of how your current reality may be incongruent with your vision; and 
  • Generate tremendous energy that will launch you toward your goals.  

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