Jen is a former Biglaw attorney who, thanks to a journey through burnout and recovery, reconnected with a latent interest in positive psychology, adult development and human well-being. She is passionate about offering professionals in high-intensity fields the opportunity to re-think how they show up at work and, ultimately, reconnect with their core values and soulfulness in all areas of their lives.

Jen studied law at Georgetown and spent nearly 6 years in private practice at large law firms serving as counsel to financial services companies in securitizations, corporate finance and M&A transactions. Jen also periodically teaches transactional drafting and practice management as an Adjunct Professor at Georgetown Law.

In coaching, Jen uses theory and techniques from multiple streams - adult learning and development, somatics, positive psychology - to support professionals in uncovering and living into an authentic, fulfilling and generative way of being in and experiencing their lives (including their work). Jen studied coaching with Doug Silsbee & Bebe Hansen of Presence-Based® Coaching (an ICF accredited coach-training program). She has earned the designation of Certified Presence-Based® Coach.  

Jen lives in Washington, DC with her husband and faithful pup, Edison.

All photos of Jen by DFinney Photograhy