Spring Break

Happy Spring! Two Truths and a Belief will return next Thursday for the final post in the series, looking at the truth that law school changed me. I can't wait to share this with you! There's a little something for everyone - research, real talk about life in the law, self-care practices and a vision for what's next.

For now, as we head into a weekend, I want to leave you with a poem which is also a bit of a preview to next week's post. I wrote this poem several years ago when I was coming to terms with the fact that during law school and my early law career I'd lost track of pieces of myself that used to be central. But, no matter how far away those pieces seemed at the time, remnants remained, hiding in plain sight.

For those of you celebrating Passover or Easter, or who recently marked Spring's debut on the equinox, I also offer this poem as an invitation to attend to your sense of wonder as you celebrate life's return in spring after the death of winter.  


A chord.

A particular inflection of

verse and rhythm.


Sometimes, they lead my soul to a 

resting place.

Something opens

up and all is calm.

Expanse of clear water,

Majestic mountains,


woods, a breath of breeze

and rustling leaves.

The universe 

whispers in my ear,

you are magnificent,

I am magnificent.

Hear me roar

my beauty into silence.

Sometimes, my heart -

like a tuning fork - 

matches the pitch of its

proclamation and I rest in the


p.s. The image for this post is a preview from my recent photo shoot with DFinney Photography. Isn't it great? You can find her here: http://www.dfinneyphoto.co/