Individualized Coaching Packages

Coaching offers you a structured and supportive space to take stock of your current situation, craft a vision for success that aligns with your values, and make the necessary shifts to actualize your vision. If we do this well, you walk away with new skills and resources that you will continue to leverage long after our engagement concludes. There will be lots of accountability and liberating learning along the way.  The vision is engagement, impact, and thriving.

As as coach, Jen uses theory and techniques from multiple streams - adult learning and development, somatics, positive psychology - to support you in achieving your desired outcomes. We will take a two-pronged approach, simultaneously working to declare and execute new actions that support your vision (i.e. the “doing” work), and identify and shift any patterns in heart/body/mind you’ve outgrown (i.e. the “being” work). 

Coaching packages are adaptable to your goals and schedule. They always include:

  • an in-depth on-boarding process, including an initial assessment and fine-tuning of the client's goals for the engagement;
  • regular one-on-one meetings (via telephone or video-conference), typically bi-weekly and for a set period of four to six months; and
  • a mid-point progress-check where we assess progress and make adjustments.

Multiple payment options are available, including monthly and per-session installments. Hiring a coach is an investment in yourself, one that should be both accessible and meaningful. 

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What clients are saying about
coaching with Jen

"Prior to beginning coaching, I wasn't fully aware of what coaching could bring to my life--but it has been an invaluable process.  Jen is able to help me crystallize my thoughts around career choices in a way that I have struggled to do on my own. When needed, she is also able to help me shift perspectives to see other options I may not have considered.  Additionally, as a lawyer, having a coach with a legal background provides a depth of knowledge and understanding about my career path and choices that is extremely valuable."   - Biglaw Attorney from Washington DC

"Working with Jen has helped me to clarify my professional intentions.  Her ability to actively listen and reflect has provided space to consider myself personally and professionally.  She responsively suggests appropriate, individualized fieldwork that fosters skill development in pursuing these now-defined intentions.  Committing to these professional development efforts has overcome my previous limitations and surpassed my expectations for growth.  My future appears very bright." - Health IT Professional from Raleigh-Durham NC